How to activate Windows 10?

Windows 10 – the latest version of the operating system from Microsoft. And, it seems that she will stay on computers for a long time: some even say that all the following will be just her updates. The more urgent is the activation of Windows 10. Let’s be honest, not everyone uses for this legitimate ways such as shopping in the store, when there is a Windows 10 activator on the network.

  1. Why to activate Windows 10?

And why bother to fool yourself with some kind of activation? Old versions of the same as somehow worked without it. Indeed, in the “top ten” this mode is also provided. But let’s see what happens if you do not activate Windows 10 Activationand try to continue working.

Light cosmetic changes like dropping the background of the desktop and constantly looming notices about the need for activation can be called florets. Lack of official support is also hardly embarrassing. But the inability to fine-tune personalization already makes you fidget in your chair. But the most unpleasant thing is constant automatic reboots after a few hours of work. And who knows what else Microsoft engineers will come up with in the next updates. So the question of activation is better to solve quickly.

  1. How to activate Windows 10?

To activate the operating system provides for the use of a digital license or a 25-digit key.

A digital license allows you to get activated Windows without entering a key at all. This method is relevant for a free upgrade from the licensed “seven” or “eight”, with the purchase of “dozens” in the Windows Store, as well as for the participants in the Insider Preview testing. In this case, the system is activated automatically after establishing communication with the Internet and processing data on Microsoft servers.

If you buy a key for Windows 10, then during the installation, this key will need to be entered at the request of the system. Activation is performed automatically after connection to the World Wide Web. Similarly, authentication is performed with a clean installation.

Attention! Manual key entry and activation is required only when the specific edition is first installed on the device. The Microsoft server will remember it and in the future will activate the OS automatically.

  1. Activating Windows 10 over the phone

If there are no Internet connections or Microsoft servers are too busy and do not respond (this also happens), Windows 10 activation will work on the phone. At once I will say that to search for the corresponding item in the menu and settings is longer than to do so:

Press Win + R, type slui 4 and press Enter.
A window will appear with the choice of the country, specify your country and click next.
It remains to call the number, which will show the system, and clearly follow the instructions from the answering machine. It is better to immediately prepare to record what will be said.
Then enter the received Windows 10 activation code and click Activate Windows.
As you can see, nothing complicated.

  1. How to buy a key for Windows 10

If you need a product key for Windows 10, the license key from older versions of the OS like XP does not work. You need exactly the current 25-character code. Here are some ways to get it: along with the boxed OS (if you decide to go to the store for a disc), along with a digital copy of the OS (the same, but in the official online store, for example, on the Microsoft website), or as part of a corporate license or MSDN Subscriptions.